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I am God. :: the bible

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£ie. Reality is mean.
there is a bible. im the best to ever do it bitch. whats good is factual mapped objective. earth is hell a penal colony run by faggot ghouls. dark hair is illegal. chug it narc

i am god the golden one krishna ra. i demand you come to 311 main st apt 216 newport news virginia the united slave states of america and bring me one hundred million dollar.
im sorry if i insulted you i want you to work for me i am god. krishna section 9 whats good¿™.org
®e: i will never contact you again you probably wont even read this it is the holy gospel word of god anvgelic scripturw

stellar door chello store selah artois

clintonrossnoble 311 main st apt 216 newport news, va 23601 usa 17575969000 7/21/1984 π×∆@$ 17573104689 your sun god lord of the universe omg easy peasy yæh sa lucid dream heaven.

whats good™.34
my name is old saint nigger im nicer than you clitoriss nobule pussy is raw nicker 5 blue stars vampire pirate remort tree top city hammockville christmastownlandville carttontown.mhz omg
(ed note 256pm january 19, 2017 thursday ::::;///$ i figured out how to go to heaven. small wild fruit swallowed whole.
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mwe need to steal money from satan and give it back to him for his small fruit? mixed nuts, button mushrooms, peppers, blackberries, raspberries, grapes? we will teleport to cloud city sun city its ecstasy and speed boomers but legal variety. i think its our only option to be good. they will lobotomize you and on one side say kill sin chores on the other side they will say do nothing be lazy so you would just spin. should i drink some coffee i think the piss water goes to hell the toilet sewers? i had to say mean things witches are real and they will saw your mind up. want to do chores sin kill? i figured out how to go to heaven. small wild fruit swallowed whole.
fuck off witch, wayne just assaulted me really bad, this is what my life was like before the concentration camps and lobotomization

i need witch repellant i dont want them to use esp on me.
i want out of probation and pills and halfway house poverty.
america is slavery i am destitute and they assault me.
i am a slave concubine getting raped by the cops around faggot shits.
segregation should be illegal. i dont want to be around niggers. i just got attacked by one named paulette robinson. and shukri and willy. my roomates hit me, my parents disowned me, . the only way out is to steal money from satan then i can take the bus west and get high. on dextromethorphan cough syrup and nitrous oxide laughing gas whippits snickers bars coffee beer liquor salads ice cream? risperidone vistaril zoloft tenex? fruit? nuts? protein powder? swiss miss? vitamins ramen noodles juice wine liqeur ? ecstasy cocaine adderall blotter shrooms ? its just about tripping following the sun going west then you are lazy to go east you would drown fairies? the giant waves of the atlantic , i am trying to join the native american church and use peyote in the desert get land pueblo adobe roundhouse wigwam tipi yurt earth bermed subterranean bunkers sailboat solar panels , and the rainbow family of living light hippy camping farmer deadheads pot soda tye dye tents sleeping bags dogs kids food kitchens tobacco i like camels, a little bit, i am trying to go to the jam festivals like bonnaroo and all good clubs arts and crafts shows gallerys . write a book and make a rap album . transcribe poetry, i know whats good its just really hard to do because everything is sinful gay dark bully crackhead negronatti negromongers, dmt. im aryan blonde long hair green eyes siksika a blonde arab vegetarian tripper socialist gardener heterosexual 5'6'' elf reptilian cyborg hobbitt halfling dwarf vampeel elohim shambhalla the sun freedom fighter fbi doctor air force . satan is the gay dark hair carnivores the slavers cromag vampires dragons im a freedom fighter, we have to win against wayne lee byrom and derrick and nina m taylor against babylon the medical and police communities the landfills and schools and airports and sewers and jails and insane asylums highways csb tld edl hpi hra cia jihad, we have to win against child killers child neglect animal cruelty perversity hell. i want to move to the equator and los angeles on the greyhound or buy a winnebago biodeseil truck schoolbus vanagon sa south america sassafras albidium the people of the sun im blackfoot egyptian ra horus i dont think i am a rapist or pedophile. i am a thief and slave in a squallorly insane asylum ghetto rehab slum project hellhole surrounded by bullies being force fed antipsychedelic medicine in destitution. cold abadon sheole hel hell wasteland metropolis gotham city tartarus, a foul wretched hiv rapist voodoo carnivorous slave pit called virginia hilton plaza assisted living facility community services board true life destinations engineering development laboratory hampton roads academy hampden sydney thomas nelson virginia commonwealth university all my life they have been raping and spanking and outcasting me teaching me bad habits they didnt teach me about bodybuilding to fight the gay army of set or that you need bank loans to run a business and buy a house and car , need college, business cards trademarks logos need to be upstanding police doctor cure diseases blow up meteors find missing people my parents are cruel tyrants they killed my puppy and shoved a catheter up my dick choked me knocked me unconscious etc etc ad infinatum airplanes school church toilets. I hate Julius and Deborah Noble I don't have parents or education I figured it out on my own. Left belt buckle bruises on my arm narced on me made me smell bad stole my adderall and lexapro out of my hotel room stabbed me . I don't have parents man. I do have lots of telepathic bullys swarming me. I don't want retards in my head I am going braindead. I am the best to ever do it bitch. I wish I had a soulmate that could rescue me. Babylon is going to burn they take their children on airplanes and teach them to use toilets they send em to school firing squads and chemical lobotomization. Mass unmarked insane asylum grave sites amputation electroshock therapy who is dumb enough to go to a psychiatrist man they are satan and so are the cops that protect them. sainthood kills complicity. i am being exterminated in a nazi eugenics death camp there are no animals or fruit gardens . we should dig up the graves and landfills and mandatory house searches magic cybernetic sacraments roujin z akira ghost in the shell eskaflowne vampire hunter d fantastic regeneration resurection sun colonization mothership factories in the desert antigravity terrariums clandestine mycology sea of green space travel hyperspacial laboratories mirrorverse navy ping shiny ring 125 114 sahara 4d sands of time stars came to earth, salaam peace hubb love marhaba hello allah clinton ross noble . dye your hair blonde stop cutting things, lets terraform the desert into a space jam garden free fruit forever sacred geometry freemason goa area sa ea hypercubensis why have i not been recruited to find missing people being sodomized and tortured i would be a good doctor or fbi cop, what about fuck they just stole my thoughts erased my mind, be vegetarian socialist reappropriation of celebrity and corporate moneys, even distribution of wealth one language one nation the people of the sun allah tiempe viejar viottro time travel pi sa pizza apisculture bebop cola a bee op x files doo doo doo doo doo doo 12 ounce mouse cartoon network adult swim gold everything seeds soil ammenities freedom shut down babylons dangerous inventions welfare quality of life the sun and they make me type this all the time but i can never remember it or achieve it my memory is gone this is transcription channelling ride or die its like the devil is quoting scripture , how can you like christianity they promise mass genoicde and eternal suffering? a whore is a deep ditch? Jesus hates me even though I like him? or rather Satan hates me because I like Jesus? So We should do what Jesus just leaves me in hell. Maybe Satan will save me. Particle sift the landfills chatrooms in the back of our heads time diilation 3 doors down rock and roll martian antmen 2.0 mooncars inside the television apollo armor linux biomodification polynesian heavens birds of paradise high elves brittania mmorpgs oz chemo fern bucky benjamin allison critter elaine savannah pi jack why do you prop rainbow family and jayz and bho they dont do shit for me they are my family i guess but they never visit jayz cocaine cartels beat the shit out of me. telekinetic weaponry. mutilation defilement. the rainbows and native american church and greyhound wont rescue me . neither will erowid or dextroverse or edl or shroomery they all just let me rot they killed my son and raped me stupid. they ruin my trips knock me unconscious when i am in heaven the men in black come out of the floor and mirrors man, oops scoot duke, one television station one radio station i am the lord and everyone says that but who wrote this? fangs covens dxm n2o ad m357 vicodin percodanke oxycodone sherm wet san quintin eme peace love semper paratus riot loot smash burn always prepared for anarchy rodney king, earthquakes could hit the jails anyminute we need to form armys and rescue our loved ones from satan, i am ready for the revolution i dont want my people to get crushed in prison or shanked and buttraped by dmx and alvin carter obamas body builder shank gangs, forced showers and ppd shots meat trays, . jail is hell my parents killed me i am a ghoul i died and went to hell they cremated my son they beat me relentlessly every day, mudslide architects and construction workers lying schoolteachers that claim there is a constitution whores of babylon torturer mercenarys that keep hell running on jon bennette ramseys blood . on the blood of hiroshima hippy housecats and children and saints, they put angels in the electric chair, cops deny that esp is real they deny revelations cops are satan, but maybe we should just follow them maybe they wont incarcerate and sodomize and torture us. airplane crashes hurricanes famine flood noah nazis kamekazes kkk csa hitmen neutering and spaying euthanization child casualties jihad oil wars monsanto monopolies laws dark hair. i know the difference between right and wrong. we are looking for the tree of life and knowledge small wild fruit swallowed whole like coca berries and psilocybin mucimol ibotene ayahuasca ibogaine methylenedioxymethamphetamine adderall blotter jerry garcia timothy leary ram dass terence mckenna albert hoffman ken kennesy janis joplin. gallerys national forests we are trying to escape babylon the cold hell supervolcanos lions ebola hiv aids stds boggarter illuminati rappers holywood wall street capitolism communism democracy all scams , trying to escape meteors and wolves and bullys mexico is the place we are hispanic blonde vegetarian socialist trippers, that is just the truth, que pasa que tal que bien yo soy dios amore. i woe th owe the mexican store 20 bucks but diego and his family are trying to kill me like they killed the coffee beans. they are an embarrasment to mexico they dont have blonde hair or be vegetarian what are they doing in cold hell babylon virginia? clinton ross noble c.noibfe ra in bho family of living light pi 22/7 7/21/1984 charlotte north carolina 311 main st apt 216 newport news va 23601 usa 17573104689 17575969000 peace like a buddhist plab talking to trees and animals ghost lights is that me e to the motherfucking eigth oh my god the bees are aware serve the bird kingdom of the universe oh dap whats good alien trip shift notices waking up to dreams within dreams lucid dreaming in real time the unbroken circles and dimensions of the mind the tye that binds loving community message matrices the verbal holographic universe micheal talbot guru lobsang bodhisattva sativa indica ruderalis ship high in transit pluck yew fornication under the crown of the king easy peasy one love one word sa born a vampire wiccan/? my roomates suck dude they dont deserve to exist i wish someone would whack addison derrick and wayne and hilton plaza and csb whack babylon they degrade and abuse me to no end . three suns times infinity ecstasy planetary ascenscione ignition expansion resurection cybernetics levitation antigravity sun colonization sacrament entheogen sangreal sanguine occidental trey anastasio phil lesh john lennon confuscious shakespeare ramseys cleopatra jesus thenobotanical ethnobotanical the origin star coming home the ccenter sun the whole universe in a foyeur tiled foyeur saki steel reserve dumb dumb belle island mogwai poody doo aliens as jissming on the windshield walk the other way they're all over him you are in so much trouble youve really mickey moused yourself pal oh satan did he make you put your head in front of the computer the sun and earth moon and nebula star birthing chambers immortality via subterranean robotics cloud city fighting nazis, jerusalem the time is 2pm on wednesday january 18 2017 chet lamech nun tet nun cltn yeah i am a vagina pi ra cocaine sa quoran arcane ornate racoon city resident evil slave concubine genius i wrote the bible gold air jordans rainsuits hiking backpacks camoflauge tan whip creamers money ssi art career crane cranium recon rank hackering crnl lcrn hrossh 3.14159265 immortal mathematices methamatics dios amore mothmen wendigo chupacabra mimic jeepers creepers whats good love nice sweet kind caring compassion mutual survival happiness immortality magic peace preperation nonracism do not eat the light do not murder people unless they cant be served the bible and comply if they are just fools and zombies slaves we should spare them and teach them whats good, but if they are going to kill us or slave us or torture or sodomize us or pervert us or witch us or school us, i mean whats good and word and cool and warm and awesome and great is objective factual mapped i did it, now cliunton cant remember it but he can write it, million dollar pussy peace in the middle east evacuate cold babylon to the equator commonue farm hotel bed and breakfast gold soldiers greyhound burning man festival poquoson seafood festival iam krishna ra the golden one king of earth, a birdman ostriche lynx who speakis in white noise doggie pictures whose son is jesus frost whow as slain and tortured and cremated m pi the priuncess max cocoa id fuck a bitch asleep nap time cabo wabo tussinx reefer top i aint got no worries? im the sun i was crowned lord of earth inside the sun i died and ascended i guess i just came back to write a bible heaven is real i want some adderall and dxm and camels newports . coronoa tussinx. just like that, some reefer and cocaine dwarves drow dragons ogres urukai .dneu spirit of wolf ranger druid monk ikshar luclin velious new jerusalem valhalla avalon shangrilah camelot metropolis lemmingsville faydwer dagon cthulu hades cerberus sisyphus russel croew holywood owes me a lot of fucking money, yeah well quetzalcoatal ishtar gilgamesh enkidu gottama sadaartha enlil enki isis eve magdalena esther rebecca noah enoch metatron isaiah asa bigvai anne franke moss paths beeswax candles tarot cards incense hemp hoody and bracelet grocery store fruit and medicine gold everything going west people of the sun fruit motherships texas arizona transhumanist suns fmtats, may i w4e please have fbi church animal shelter visiits oj dxm nc ? miwphf canteen radio bible crb law school army lsa vegetarianism and the military industrial complex vatmic give me clearance and power and authority wealth and love and loyalty give me the mysteries magic and freindship, harakhte i am not gay or mean or psychotiuc i am true and faithful the hidden mana 3:16=2:17 1a aleph dinosaur systems incorporated dsi city center firkin and firgate healthy accents waltussin long acting cough delsym cough gameplasma wolfpaw arctic dragonrealms one love wailers sts9 galactic alman brothers phish fort eustis langley ross lee goble nasa new york university virginia polytechnic institute micheal vick allen iverson alvin banks 23!!~ save the animals and trees empty the prisons evacuate shut down babylon gold everything dios amore culture enlightenment energy supplements orange wine goldenseal ginko biloba underhill lestat mario crash bandicoot ea sports get in the game coolboarders the center sun god the walls of the infinity universe hyperspace dimensions a thousand heavens times a thousand leven of the phariscees flower of life andiamo illuminati rosicrutian golden dawn skyll and bones , save the world, peace, rule by knife/loluh... dont fly on airplanes dont go to school dont throw things away dont eat meat dont use toilets get naked get high flee hell be magical immortal cybernetic streamlined slipstream time continuum guru zen satori samadhi kundalini prana manna bardo darma karma zoroastra tao shinto allah muhammed peace love bird king sun god clint anyway guys, i guess im going to post this tek. it seems like the best path for mankind .

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